How do non-musicians hear music? Fourth movement


EMI have issued a new recording of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra conducted by their music director, Sir Simon Rattle, in October 2007. A video introduction to this recording is posted on the internet on which Sir Simon makes what I think are incomplete assertions:

“…Finally in all his pieces, he [Mahler] found really the shape for the middle movements — what these two scherzos are… And in a way it’s very simple. I mean, they’re both very bitter, very sarcastic, very angry pieces.”

Ignoring the implied claim that (more…)


Mahler’s “version” of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Hans Schliessmann: Mahler Conducting in Vienna

Hans Schliessmann: Mahler Conducting in Vienna

I have spent a lot of time over the past ten years preparing for publication a score of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the instrumental alterations (Retuschen) of Gustav Mahler. This score has been performed already in the USA by Leonard Slatkin and five times in Europe. (more…)